The Fine Print

This membership auto-renews monthly with no commitments. It is your responsibilty to cancel before the next billing cycle. There are no refunds for unused services or late cancelations. This membership is nontransferable. 

Membership Freeze

As an autopay member, you are welcome to freeze (or put on hold) your HAUM membership. Please give us a two-week notice prior to your billing date in order to freeze your membership. If you are going on vacation, traveling for business, or experiencing an injury, freezing your membership is a great option. You cannot cancel your membership during a freeze. Please read the freeze policy before you submit your request.

Freeze Policy

I understand that I can freeze my membership if I submit the request at least 2 weeks before my next payment. Membership freezes are based on your billing date. I understand that I can only freeze my membership once in a calendar year for up to three months. I understand my payment will automatically restart upon the predetermined date, unless I notify HAUM for an earlier reactivation date. I understand that I cannot cancel my membership while it is frozen. Memberships canceled during a freeze will be charged one additional monthly payment before being canceled. HAUM does not pro-rate refunds or allow transfers of a frozen membership.

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