When it comes to yoga, we believe in teaching what we know and revering the teachers that came before us. Our class types honor the rich history of yoga in San Francisco while nodding to the brilliance of modern movement modalities. Whether you come for Hatha, Vinyasa, Restore, or Flow + Restore, you’ll enjoy classes that feel both classic and compelling for your mind, body and spirit.


A Vinyasa class at Haum is more than just a flow class. We’ll give you the time and space you’re craving to connect back to yourself and dance with your breath. Every class is creative to keep you in the present moment, but there will always be a familiar arch that respects your body’s natural intelligence.


Alignment-junkies unite! The centerpiece of our Hatha class at Haum is an intelligent sequence of yoga asana (postures) where the goal is mindful movement combined with intentional breathing. Your instructor brings their own expertise to each class which could include meditation, breathing exercises, or mudra (hand gestures).


If you live in San Francisco and you aren’t taking Restorative Yoga, can we make a suggestion? Hurry up so we can slow you down! Our Restore class at Haum is more than a break for your brain. Through a series of relaxation postures supported by props, you’ll learn techniques that help you breathe easier, build equanimity, and sleep like a baby.


If you’re not sure where to begin, why not get the best of both worlds? A Flow + Restore class at Haum is the perfect introduction for both a curious Flow student or a curious Restore student. This class is also ideal for anybody that needs a boost of rejuvenating energy. The Flow portion of class chases fatigue away while the Restore portion of class peels back the layers so you can find the vibe you’ve been looking for.


One of the many benefits of yoga is balance and we’re not just talking about standing on one leg! Our Vin + Yin class at Haum is a beautiful balance of movement and stillness, giving and receiving. We begin with Vinyasa yoga to lubricate the joints and increase the flow of prana/energy throughout your body. Then, the rest of practice is reserved for Yin yoga to safely stress your joints and fascial tissues. Yin poses develop healthy joint flexibility through longer holds taken in stillness, so this class also naturally regulates your nervous system and encourages emotional well-being. Welcome balance back into your life!

Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing

Yoga Nidra is the yogi’s sleep, but this class is so much more than an adult time-out! Our Yoga Nidra class at Haum aims to guide your body into a deeply relaxed state while you remain observant of your subtle body. Through gentle movements, breathwork, coordinated awareness, and sound, you will travel into layers of yourself that are not often available during the daily grind. With the potential to expand consciousness and unlock creativity, this class is a favorite for artists, seekers, and those looking for a better quality of sleep. A conscious intention will be utilized in practice to help you come home to your true nature.

Therapeutic Vinyasa

We believe you are worthy exactly as you are, as you exist today in this moment. Therapeutic yoga honors that you come to your mat with an age, gender, shape, size, and body ability that is unique to you alone. In our Therapeutic vinyasa class at Haum, we create a safe space for you to arrive with everything you are. In this dynamic movement practice, you will spend time exploring your physical form and how it links up to your energetic form. This class is for any (and every) body but will be extra special for practitioners looking to explore their nervous system’s affect or build healthy habits for long term physical wellness.


There will always be a million things competing for your attention. At HAUM, we offer meditation classes designed to help you cut through the distractions so that you are able to remember and recognize that you’re already enough. Being human means that you are an expression of presence, kindness, and ease (but forgetting that is part of this whole being human thing). Our meditation classes will vary in style, but every time you sit with a HAUM Team teacher, you’ll be delivered back home to your sweet self. See you on the cushion, HAUMies!

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