Develop your teaching skills and deepen your knowledge.

The HAUM Mentorship Program provides a unique experience in continuing education for yoga teachers with a 200HR Certification.

Over the course of eight weeks, you will be guided through an in-depth examination of yoga studies, teaching skills, and asana practice that is tailored to meet you where you are as a teacher. Your HAUM team partner will help you elevate your own teaching, challenge you, and support you in finding your own voice.

HAUM Mentorship
HAUM Mentorship
HAUM Mentorship
HAUM Mentorship
HAUM Mentorship
HAUM Mentorship


You are passionate about deepening your understanding of teaching yoga

If you have a genuine love for yoga and a desire to enhance your knowledge and skills in the practice, HAUM’s Mentorship program provides a structured platform to do so.

You are committed to personal
+ development

This program is tailored for individuals who are dedicated to their personal growth journey, both as yoga teachers and as individuals, offering mentorship and guidance to support your ongoing development.

you value community + connection

If you thrive in a supportive community environment and seek connections with fellow yoga practitioners and mentors, HAUM’s Mentorship program fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among like-minded individuals.

you are eager to refine your teaching skills

Whether you’re a new teacher looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced instructor aiming to refine your teaching techniques, this program offers valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your effectiveness in the classroom.

you aspire to make a positive impact

If you’re driven by a desire to share the benefits of yoga with others and make a positive impact in your community, HAUM’s Mentorship program empowers you with the knowledge, confidence, and support needed to inspire and uplift others through your teaching.


Dedicate yourself to consistent practice by taking at least one yoga class each week from your mentor, fostering a deeper connection with the discipline and enhancing your understanding as a practitioner and teacher.

Broaden your understanding of teaching methodologies by observing and practicing in 2 different yoga classes per week, gaining valuable insights into diverse teaching styles and approaches.

Contribute to the community by offering a class at the end of the program, providing an opportunity to showcase your developed skills and connect with fellow practitioners while promoting yourself as a new teacher.

The mentors

Brenna Geenah

Haum SF Brenna Geehan Photo Bio

Christine Cipra

Haum SF Christine Cipra Photo Bio

David Cho

Haum SF David Cho Photo Bio

Jacqui Rowley

Haum SF Jacqui Rowley Photo Bio

Jeremy Falk

Haum SF Jeremy Falk Photo2 Bio

Juan Ayala

Haum SF Juan Ayala 2 Photo Bio

Rachel Wilkins

Haum SF Rachel Wilkins2 Photo Bio

Rebecca Rogers

Haum SF Rebecca Geoff Photo Bio

student testimonials

Upon finishing my 200-HR YTT, I was intimidated to start teaching in San Francisco as there are so many incredible teachers. I started going to Danni’s classes and was immediately drawn to his energy, teaching style, and ability to create community. To this day, I’m inspired each time I step on the mat in his class. Through mentoring with Danni, he provided me with the confidence and skills to not only assist his classes but also to teach my own classes including corporate, online, and studio environments. I’m grateful to learn and grow with a mentor who has such a kind, inclusive, and inspiring heart.


I met Danni in public class 6 years ago. I’ve worked with him extensively for over a year in teacher training, continued education and mentorship. Danni is a champion for the full “underdog to becoming” version of you. Any knowledgeable teacher can present information about advanced asana, biomechanics, and philosophy – Danni translates principles of yoga so that you can connect, feel and live them everyday to your very core (see what I did there) He is an embodiment of yoga in human form. As a new yoga teacher, Danni helped me navigate my first studio classes and build my yoga business in a way that is aligned, sustainable and most critically inspired by true values of yoga and YOU. Deep bow to Danni and our community.



Attend two 2-hour weekend sessions, Saturday & Sunday, every other week.

Attend 1-hour zoom meetings every other week with your mentor (x4)

Teach a community class with a fellow mentee at the end of this program.

Observe or assist (your choice!) 1 yoga class per week.

Practice 1 class per week.


2-hour Advanced Education Conversation sessions on Saturdays & Sundays listed below

1pm – 3pm

One Zoom virtual connect with assigned mentor every 2 weeks throughout the 8-week program.

Depending on
Mentor/Mentee schedule


Week 1 – May 25 & 26


Week 2

Zoom virtual connect with assigned mentor

Week 3 – June 8 & 9


Week 4

Zoom virtual connect with assigned mentor

Week 5 – June 22 & 23


Week 6

Zoom virtual connect with assigned mentor

Week 7 – July 6 & 7


Week 8

Zoom virtual connect with assigned mentor


$1,500 for Full Program


What is the HAUM SF Mentorship Program?

The Haum SF Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity for current or aspiring teachers to connect with experienced mentors in various fields to receive guidance, support, and advice to help navigate their teaching voice, sequencing, and integration of knowledge.

Who can participate in the mentorship program?

Any student who has been certified through HAUM’s 200-Hour Teacher Training program or another equally recognized Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program.

How does the mentorship matching process work?

Upon signing up for the program, students will fill out a detailed questionnaire outlining their interests, career goals, and areas they wish to receive mentorship in. Our team carefully matches each student with a mentor whose expertise aligns with their needs and aspirations.

What can I expect from my mentor?

Mentors in the program are seasoned professionals committed to providing guidance, sharing insights, and offering support tailored to your individual goals. They will offer advice, share knowledge, and assist you in developing skills necessary for success in your chosen focus and needs.

How often will I communicate with my mentor?

Communication frequency will be bi-week on ZOOM and bi-weekly in the advance workshop offerings.

What if I have specific questions or challenges during the mentorship?

Your mentor is there to support you through any questions or challenges you may encounter. Feel free to reach out to them with any queries, concerns, or obstacles you face during your mentorship journey or at the specified time your ZOOM calls are scheduled.

How long does the mentorship program last?

The mentorship program is designed to last eight weeks.

Is there a fee to participate in the mentorship program?

Yes. We seek to support our Mentors in providing their guidance and support to other aspiring teachers. The tuition and investment for this program is $1500.

How do I sign up for the mentorship program?

To sign up for the mentorship program, visit our website here and follow the instructions for registration. Once registered, you’ll be guided through the process of filling out a questionnaire to help us match you with a suitable mentor.

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