Whether you’re interested in deepening your practice from the comfort of your own home, seeking a simple way to integrate yoga into your daily routine, or looking for affordable class alternatives, our on-demand library is an easy way to join us on the mat!



with convenient access to on-demand classes

It’s yoga on YOUR terms!

Be it your first time or the millionth time on a yoga mat, our on-demand library is for all yogis!

All classes are taught with clear instructions and modifications to meet you where you are.



  • Unlimited access to online classes
  • New classes added monthly
  • Recurring monthly billing
  • Diverse class offerings
  • World-class teachers


HAUM students with an unlimited membership receive full access to our on-demand library. That’s right! Your membership just got even sweeter. Please click here to begin accessing our on-demand library.


“For someone who has never done yoga, I wasn’t expecting much more than to learn how to stretch; however, the instructor taught me from the ground up. We carefully explored different movements. We learned how to feel from our feet. We learned how to listen to our breath. More importantly, I quickly realized yoga was for me!”

– Pat

“This was my first time back on my yoga mat in over a year, and the teacher made me feel so comfortable! I loved how she seamlessly guided us through the positions, helping me to focus on listening to my body. Somehow she made a good workout very relaxing! Would highly recommend for any level of student!”

– Chanel

“On the days when I can’t make it into the studio, I know HAUM has my back. Their instructors do a fabulous job making sure all students in the room feel comfortable and confident in their bodies, even those of us who are not in the physical space. It’s special to feel the community from afar. If you’re looking for a place to practice, this is IT!”

– Maneesh


What level are your classes?

Our classes are designed with all levels in mind! HAUM Teachers are trained to offer modifications, prop-usage, and other techniques that ensure our classes are accessible to all levels of practitioners. 

I already have an established yoga practice. Will these classes challenge me?

Yes! It’s important to mention that our classes, and any class for that matter, are as challenging as you make them. And there is something to learn from every teacher, practice, and moment on the mat. Whether you’re craving to flow through a standard vinyasa or are interested in trying something new, our on-demand library has diverse class offerings and teaching styles for everyone! 

Will I need any equipment?

Equipment is not required; just an open heart and mind! Our teachers do use various props depending on the class, including blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets. If you’re not ready to invest, there are some excellent alternatives you can find around the house! 

Blocks: any solid item that brings the floor closer to you, such as a large book, a sturdy box, an upside pot, etc. 

Bolster: a rolled up blanket or pillow

Strap: a belt, ratchet strap, or rope, or that ugly tie your mother in law gave you for your birthday 5 years ago

If you plan to practice regularly, we do suggest investing in props as your budget allows. We promise you’ll get your money’s worth out of them!

I am new to yoga. Where do you recommend I begin?

Welcome to the practice! We’re excited to be a part of your yoga journey. Our classes are accessible to all levels, excluding our more advanced Vinyasa Level 2/3. To find the best class for you, we encourage you to ask yourself “What I am looking to get out of my practice?”.  To learn more about our class types, please click here

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your membership anytime, anywhere (although, we would miss you terribly).

If you’re looking to cancel your on-demand membership, please note that billing occurs on the __ of the month, so you will want to cancel prior to this date to avoid being billed for the month that falls under that billing cycle. 

If you have any questions about your membership or billing, please contact us at

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